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Frontline defence

Heather Clarke will be the first contact clients have with David Hodson's firm and she will be actively involved throughout the criminal proceeding.

Heather performs intake with each client and guides clients through proper court procedures. Heather’s role in each client file is important to the resolution or trial of the criminal proceeding.  For example, Heather will make sure the government has provided full and complete disclosure of all the evidence to be used at trial, and she will request variations of bail or release conditions that are too restrictive.  Heather coordinates the development of client files in order for David Hodson to focus on trial strategy, tactics and advocacy.

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Heather's professional background

Heather Clarke completed the Legal Assistant program in 1997 and most recently, in 2012, completed the simply accounting program. Heather has been working with David Hodson's firm since 1998. Heather has been involved in every trial that David Hodson has defended, including a murder trial that had national and international prominence.

Regardless of the nature of the criminal proceeding, Heather is known and admired for treating all clients with kindness, respect and dignity. Together with David Hodson's aggressive and calculating representation in court, people in the unfortunate situation of having to fight for justice are not disappointed.